Derma Roller

Dermarollers are used for a treatment process called microneedling or skin needling. It is aa form of collagen induction therapy, quickly gaining popularity in the Western countries. dermarollers are already highly popular in parts of Asia where skin needling has been practised for sometime. Unlike other treaetments for acne scars, stretch marks and wrinkles, dermarollers do not damage the skin or remove the epidermis layer.


  • dermarollers will increase 4% to 87% absorption of skin and hair products by the blocked pores which stimulates hormones effectively & naturally without inducing hyper pigmentation and sun sensitivity to the skin.
  • dermarollers improves blood supply on scalps, face, neck, skin and throughout the body irrespective to the nature of the skin.
  • It is very Easy to use, Portable, Compact, Power independent treatment gives reliable & cost effective results with less time consumption (and no restrictive treatment session times too).
DERMASCOPE With Light Control

The Digivision Microscope is a fully functional magnification device which can easily be opereated by plugging directly into your computer enabling you to magnify objects upto 200x. Enhanced with adjustable light control wheel with 6 white LED lights and a 2.0MP digital camera, the Digivision Microscope can capture high quality images and videos(AVI) .

Technical Specifications :
Image Sensor 2.0Mega Pixels
Video Capture Resolution 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 640x480, 320x240
Still Image Capture REsolution 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 640x480, 320x240
Color 24bit RGB
Lens Dual Axis 27x&100x Microscope Lens
Focus Range Manual Focus From 10mm to Infinity
Flicker Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Frame Rate Max 30f/s under 600 Lus Brightness
Magnification Ratio 10x to 200x
Shutter Speed 1sec. to 1/1000sec.
VIdeo Format AVI format
White Balance Auto
Exposure Auto
Light Source 6 LED White Lights (Adjustable)
PC Interface Mini USB 2.0
Operation System Windows 2000/XP/Vista
OSD Language English
Power Supply 5V DC from USB Port
Size 110mm(L) x 33mm (R)

Multi - Utility Phototherapy Systems

Technical specifications:
  • Microprocessor based control.
  • Unique pro-logic dosage delivery system.
  • Always delivers steady output / joules / dosage.
  • System automatically upgrades and heals to ensure correct dosage.
  • The unit is equipped with lcd joule timer.
  • Advanced, digital timer assures accurate exposure control.
  • Exclusive controlled prescription timer.
  • Exclusive high-efficiency reflector design maximizes light output.
  • Opertes on standard house current.
  • Unique individual panel selector integerated.
  • Mechanised tilting panels with auto-placement / lock
  • Highly user frindly with easy key interface.
Cosmo Chair

Cheair Features :

  • Fully Electrical Chair operated using Noiseless imported motor system.
  • Electrically controlled Up/Down, Back Rest and Foot Rest movements.
  • Elegant upholstery available in different colour ranges to suit the customer's choice.
Minimum height from base 22".
Maximum height from base 30".
Upholstery dimensions
                  Lenght 72",
                  Width 24"
DERMAJET B1, is now the leading high pressure, needleless, automatic injector, because of its simplicity, reliability, versatility and affordability and its ideal usefulness in the case of patients who fear/hate needles.

Salient Features:
  • Clinical asepsis-Injector nose never comes in contact with skin.
  • Flexibilty-Can be used with any anaesthitic solution or combination of drugs (including steroids & suspension).
  • Easy to use-Light in weight, unlike other. Can be primed and fixed using just one hand.
  • Easy to maintain-Self cleaning (not requiring other solutions or apparatus). 100% sterilizable by any method.

Ideal for providing local anaesthesia, vaccination, steroids in treating hypertropic scars(keloids), dermatological leisons, hair transplants, skin grafts, dentistry, biopsies, etc.

  • Permits use of small volumes of anaesthetics/steroids while also providing effective levels of the anaesthesia and excellent tissue response.
  • Injects the medicaments with greater ease and virtually no pain.
  • Provides consistent depth of penetration of medication upto 2 - 6 mm below epithilium, with the injector leaving a wheel upto 5 - 6 mm in diameter.
  • Medicine chamber of 4 c.c capacity permits injection of upto 40 shots (each of 0.1 c.c).
  • More effective that disposable needles and syringes.
Mini Cryo Gun

BASCO make Mini Cryo Gun for everyday simplified cryo surgery at affordable price. Common skin lesions usually required treatments that are lengthy, painful and demanded post-operative care.

They may be time consuming and complicated for physicians. Todays primary care practioners, skin specialists, gynaecologists and general surgeons are using the Mini Cryo for everyday cryo surgery.It is an indispensible, simplified tool that you may never have realised was so affordable.

Liquid Nitrogen for the treatment of skin tumours, skin tags and malignant basal cell carcinoma and the majority of dermatologists have adopted and can be treatedby freezing using Liquid Nitrogen(LN2) cryo spray.

Skin-tags usually shrivel up and fall off withen a few days of freezing.

Technical specifications:

  • LNC treatment requires only about one-thirds the time by CO2 snow or nitrous oxide system (Regular cryo gun) to achieve the appropriate degree of freezing because of the relative temperatures (-196 degrees C when compared with -79 degrees C).
  • Liquid nitrogen can be applied directly by spraying the gun.
  • It is convenient to arrange a freezing session on a specific day and can be treated on any number of patients on the same day.
  • No form of anesthesia is required for freezing, it can be carried out single-handed and no scarring results.
  • Liquid nitrogen treatment can be done most conveniently and economically and usually arrange to have the container (cryo-can) filled at a local hospital, laboratory or even a factory, milkdiary as liquid nitrogen now-a-days is widely used for many purposes and small quantities (350ml) woeks out at no cost!
Woods Lamp

The BASCO-make Woods Lamp Portable Model comes with twin UV tubes to induce fluoresence in Dermatoses and an additional extra white tube for magnification. Both the lights can be operated seperately.

Examination of skin or hair with the Woods Lamp is a time trusted technique to aid in the clinical diagnosis of some cutaneous disorders.

Technical specifications:
  • Dermatoses in the intertrignious areas.
  • Patches on the scalp with scaling or partial hair loss(especially with broken hairs).
  • Pigmentary alterations.
  • Diagnosis of burrows in scabies.
  • Blisters and punctuate erosions on the dorsum of hands and forearms.
  • Tinea versicolor
Medical Uses

These can be broadly classified into diagnostic, therapeutic and investigational uses.

Diagnostic Uses
  • Tinea Captis.
  • Erythrasama.
  • T.Versicolor.
  • Pseudonomas infections.
  • Pigmentary alteration.
Tatoo Machines - Electrical and Manual

Tattoo process is the uniform implantation of minute metabolically inert pigment granules into the dermis so as to artistically create a permanent cosmetic camourflage. While it is also done manually, the above machine uses electrically driven needles.

Ideal Dermal treatment for stable vitiligo, secondary leucoderma. Also fill in gaps of alopecia in

  1. MPA after hair transplant.
  2. DPA in females.
  3. Partially healed AA.
  4. Also to disguise scars post-surgically.
  • mmediate/very quick results. This instant camourflage is made possible by use of electrically driven needles.
  • Can be on emergency bases.
  • Good cosmetic match. Least or nil chance of rejection by skin.
  • Can be done on any part of the anatomy (hairy and/or mobile parts, or involving friction or difficult-to-graft parts).
Cryoslush Kit

Cryoslush is used to treat cystic acne supeficial scars etc,. It is a poratable unit having copper tube with three-and-half feet total length and a leather bag. One end of the copper tube fitted with CO2 nut and other end has a jet nozzle of 2 mm diameter to produce CO2 snow with high pressure. The leather bag is madeout of chamois leather and stiched with three layers to collect CO2 snow.

CO2 achieves a surface temperature of -30 to -40 degrees Centigrade causing superficial peeling of skin.


It is a simple device very useful in palmer and planter as well as Armpits Hyperhidrosis. It provides for an effective procedure that yeilds excellent results relieving Hyperhydrosis of palms and soles and in armpits.

Technical specifications:

  • An inexpensive machine, its operating costs are also very low.
  • Its operation requires almost negligible prior training.
  • Very effective, safe and gives superior results, thereby increasing the efficiency of the physician.
  • Improves the quality of the medical care.
Universal Halogen Spot Lamp

Major Advantages:
  • Input supply: 220 VAC 50Hz.
  • Power: 1440 RPM.
  • Timer: Digital 0-99 minutes.
  • Vacuum max: 20-25 inch Hg.
  • Treatment time: 10-15 minutes.
  • Weight: 4 kg.
  • Dimensions: H x W x L 340 x 350 x 140 (mm).
  • Available models: Normal and flat models with fiber cabinet & metal cabinet.


  • Halogen lamp brings out true tissue colour. Also assures consistently long-lasting bright illumination.
  • Lamp/light temperature is kept at 3400 Kelvin to further enable identification of true tissue color.
  • Extremely small distal output with easy-to-use focusing system.
  • Halogen lamp works in low voltage and be operated using car/auto batteries.
  • Can be focused from long distance on the surgery part.
Head Loupe/Magni-Focusser

A vision-aid for close up hands-free work and precise quality control. If you must see it in close-up you'll see it better with Magni-focusser.

It is a binocular magnifier for work and a valuable tool for doctors, dentists, lab-technicians, jewellers, photographers, etc.


  • Absence of centre post enables unobstructed view/field of vision.
  • Light weight, washable, adjustable, comfortable, hi-impact and non-corrosive ABS plastic material.
  • Adjustable head band for perfect fit.

Our offered range of portable laser therapy unit is very effective in the field of pain therapy. The compact model with advanced programs is suitable for performing therapy to overcome various health problems. The portable laser therapy unit that we are offering is available in wave length of 650 mm.

Mobile Mini Microscope

  • Early cancer detection in cervices - Gynaecology Tubal Surgery (Tubo Plasty).
  • Foreign body removal - general and eye.
  • Electrolysis/Epilation in Dermatology/Cosmetology.
  • Ophthalmic procedures.
  • Vascular surgery and Neuro surgery.
  • Plastic surgery and Open surgery.
  • Dental surgery/E.N.T/Urology

Special Features
  • Imported circular white light tubing around the lens for better visulisation and cool light that keeps patients comfortable and operating staff free from fatigue.
  • Unique spring loaded swing arm X,Y,Z directions down swing rotatable movements the adjustment is spontaneous.
  • Knob covers are silicon autoclavable for adjusting/focussing to the area of operation.
  • The lens is highly resistant to all acidic cleaning material and hence has unlimited life.
  • 6x magnification lens with 250mm working distance and 500mm total viewing distance.
  • 145mm field (viewing area/operating area) operated by 220V - 240V AC(+/- 10V) choke.The advantage being it can be easily repaired at any place

Our offered range of portable laser therapy unit is very effective in the field of pain therapy. The compact model with advanced programs is suitable for performing therapy to overcome various health problems. The portable laser therapy unit that we are offering is available in wave length of 650 mm.

  • Useful for Dermatology, E.N.T, General surgery, Plastic surgery, Gynaecology and Ophthalmic applications.
  • Pin type without reflector.
  • Bulb : Halogen 6V/20W.

Special Features
  • Reducing diameter to have better illumination to examine narrow cavities with no variation in light intensity.
  • Halogen light for observing true tissue color and consistent long lasting illumination.
  • Open ribbed construction prevents excessive heat generation.
  • Well balanced plastic head band with the advantage of spontaneous adjustment.

Our offered range of portable laser therapy unit is very effective in the field of pain therapy. The compact model with advanced programs is suitable for performing therapy to overcome various health problems. The portable laser therapy unit that we are offering is available in wave length of 650 mm.


  • This method is prefered by surgeons by removal of warts Acne Keloid, corns, cysts, chonicrood, small tumours, conjuctivities, etc.
  • Excellent cosmetic results obtained with little or no side effects.
  • Abnormalities are remover bloodlessly.

Special Features
  • Offers good choice of monopolar and Bipolar current.
  • Portable model attached with briefcase for safe handling.
  • Intensity variable accurately (50 to 100 watts output).
  • Ideal for minor and instant coagulation, dessiction and fulgeration.
  • Useful for E.N.T Surgeons, Dermatologists, General Surgeons and Cosmetologists.

  • Gives amazing results in the removal of the growth on the surface and within accessible orifices.
  • New skin appears gradually and takes the tint of surrounding skin.
Biopsy Punches

Designed specifically for Dermatologists. Each size is color coded and available in ten sizes:

      1.0 mm                      1.5 mm
      2.0 mm                      2.5 mm
      3.0 mm                      3.5 mm
      4.0 mm                      5.0 mm
      6.0 mm                      8.0 mm

Important Features

  • Seamless sharp blade.
  • Hollow handle with sure grip design.
  • Safety capped.
  • Single use - Disposable.
  • Handle embossed with the appropriate punch size - for quick selection.

Ear Piercing Gun

An easy-to-use and reliable piercing gun, its sturdy construction has been ensured by hardened stainless steel working parts and an injection-moulded handle. Ideal for quick, painless and accurate ear piercing.


  • Can be conveniently sterilized before use.
  • Ensures hygenic and non-allergic piercing.
  • solid construction enables trouble-free usage over a long period.

Normally, in complicated operations, extermely micro-size instruments/their parts, with highly sharp edges/sides are used. These are usually very expensive (cost running to thirty thousand or more).

e.g.,Special Titanium Steel Foreceps cost even Rs. 65,000. Hence these are to kept very carefully, handled with extreme care both before and after autoclaving, and be protected. These are normally provided with specially designed compact boxes. These are kept on a sponge-like silicone matt. As a result there is no chance of sharpness being blunted, and also no misplacing along with not-so-sensitive or bulk materials.

Special Features

  • These ensure maximum hygeine and operating sterility.
  • Meant for autoclaving micro-surgery instruments.
  • After this, the instruments can be kept in same autoclaved trays, ready for use.
Micro Motor

Special Features

  • Dependable in office, field or clinics. * Suits the critical need for both constant torque and speed. * Any Diamond Burr or Steel Carbide Burr can be used with standard diameter of 2.35 mm or 2/32" shaft.
  • Solid state circuitry maintains constant current and speed under varying load conditions - saves on/prolongs micromotor's life.
  • All units operate in 220V AC.
  • Economically priced.
Rf cautery for Dermatology

The Technique of Radio Surgery involves the passage of high frequency radio waves(2mhz-Megahertz) through soft tissue to cut, coagulate, or remove the tissue. Soft tissue resistance to these radio waves causes the cellular water in the soft tissue to heat, which produces steam, an results in cellular molecular dissolution of individual tissue cells..

The surgeon uses a hand piece with an active electrode (different type of electrodes for different applications) to transmit the radio waves. The radio waves are focussed on the tissue by an antenna plate (Patient plate) that is positioned behind the tissue in contact with patient's skin.

Radio surgery in general practise has many advantages over conventional surgical techniques particularly dermatological, plastic and eye lid surgery,ENT,Dental,quicker operating time;rapid healing,less tissue damage and less post operative discomfort have been observed and its wider use in hospital practise is recommended.

Hand Held Puva

Wave Tested: 2 to 4 Joels - 400 NM (Nanometer).

Treatment for: Vitiligo / Luckoderma.

Precaution: Use goggle / Protective goggle(without see through) to protect eyes while using in face / lips. Joels will start reducing gradually while using. However after sometime bulbs can be replaced to get once again the correct wave length.

Mini Tattoo

Special Features

  • Very light weight.
  • Single or double pin needle arrangement.
  • Battery back up facility.
  • Hand switch control for accurate control and perfect tattooing on the required spot.
  • Both press and do / auto switch available.
  • Better after sales service and replacement,since it is totally indigenous.

An extremely versatile and vital Inspection device for medical, diagnostic, research and  general applicatios. Wherever good & clear magnification is needed with pin point accuracy.

New design & construction have gone into the making of a new Floor stand model with moulded plastic base and other superior features which include.

Special Features

  • Seasy manouvrability just at a finger touch.
  • Can be fixed with a new fixture to convert it into a Table clamp magnavision or wall mounted Magnavision.
  • A new addition to our Magnavision line of products, and the Extension Arm attachment.
  • All models, with minor adjustments, can serve virtually as workstations.
  • In Medical Applications, it is ideal for use in Gynaec cases & Ophthalmic procedures, Skin & Plastic Surgery, Suture removal, Minor surgeries, O.P.D. Procedures, Colony counting(Micro Biology).
  • Illumination provided by internally fitted, imported white bright tube.
  • Very handy for highly placed / complicated surgical work(both pre and Post Op.). Also useful for OPD Procedures, clear reading of small size print on any medical related references/ footnotes / contraindication on drug labels, etc.
Led Headlight with Loupe

BASCO 2 - in 1

Headlight + Binocular Loupe

Ideal for

  • Oto-Rhino_Laryngology.
  • Plastic Surgery.
  • Neuro Surgery.
  • General Surgery.
  • Micro Sutures.
  • Ophthalmology.

Details of FOBL - 500

  • Binocular Loupe with 4x or 2.5x magnification.
  • Loupe working distance: 300mm(1ft).
  • Headband - comfortable Head adjustment.
  • F.O Light cable - Fibre dia 3.5mm or 4.8mm.
  • F.O. Cable Length: 230cm(7.5 feet) or 180cm (6feet) suitable for STORZ fitting.

A new 2 in 1 Ophtho device for magnified surgery area along with cold illumination.

Convenience of Fibre Optics. Advantage of Cold Light Source. Extra comfort of Adjustable Headband.

Major Benefits for the Surgeon - At a Glance

  • Binocular Loupe with 4x or 2.5x magnification, as per customers requirement.
  • Exceptionally bright (cold light) Headlight with slim, light weight - fro coaxial, shadow free illumination  of the working area through prism.
  • Illumination axis adjustable across a wide range.
  • Fully adjustable Headband is extremely comfortable to the working Surgeon, since it is designed on the basis of ergonomical principles.
  • Headlight can be fitted with an adaptor for any type.(BASCO supplies suitable for STORZ fittings)
  • Adjuster Sleeve (Silicone) - Safety assured for the Surgeon.

Accessories (at no extra cost)

  • F.O. Headband with Loupe.
  • F.O. Cable(Indian) 4.8mm Dia, 7.5 feet long.
  • Adjuster Sleeve (Silicone).
  • Cold light source (Twin) - 24v/250w.

Accessories at extra cost(Optional)

  • Spare Bulb 24V/250W.
  • Adapters for connection to any specific or other makes of fittings to suit our FOBL-500 F.O. Headband - Made available on special order.
  • Ask for plain Head Band with Loupe incase F/O Cable or Light Source not required(Enquire price difference).
  • Cold Light Source single outlet also available at lesser price(Enquire price difference).
Marathon Micromotor

Special Features

  • Portable and Compact Size.
  • Ball bearing, High Torque, Variable speed.
  • Automatic cooling Fan for Continuous High speed performance.
  • On/Off foot switch.
  • Forward and Reverse switch.
  • Variable speed control(Marathon-3)
  • 110/220 volt current Switch.
Microdermabrasion System


  • Performs 1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree Microdermabrasion.
  • Unique Extra compression / Foot Switch.
  • Unique Electronic switching Diamond / crystal.
  • Unique Facial tip set.
  • Unique Spray system.
  • Unique Super Warranty.
  • Easy Maintenance.

Special Features

  • Provides smooth, fine & uniform abrasion without pain or any loss of blood.
  • Digital timer display for desired operational durations.
  • Eliminates the risk of skin depigmentation and post-operation pan(as against the conventional laser abrasion grinding, chemical, peeling, etc.,)
  • Air/vaccum switch control is so positioned in the unit as to offer better convenience for the operator.
  • System design ensures maximum respect for biological tissue.
  • Vaccum meter indicates the air pressure while using & can be controlled by vaccum knob.
  • Anaesthesia almost never required while microdermabrasion takes place.
  • When used in a continuous and correct manner, Microdermabrasion takes place.
  • When used in a continuous and correct manner, Microderm can assure uniform abrasion and unavodiable optimum/minimal scarring.
  • Powder flow can be controlled by a knob provided at the side.
Led Head Light

Special Features

  • Totally Light Weight.
  • Plug Type Device For Magnification Lock.
  • Special Led Bulb used.
  • Very cool and White spot light.
  • Battery Operated for Emergency
  • Adjustable Head Band to suit all the heads.
  • Added adjustments for better comfort.
  • May be used for continues surgery.


  • Works with AC mains 150-300v.
  • Current Consumption Nil.
  • Long life, continuous rating.
  • Spot light focus from 200MM to Infinite.
  • 2X, 2.5X, 3X, 4X Magnifying lenses (loupes). Inter Changeable (optional Extra).